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Kozo Fujita  

Art Director /  Video Director

1968 Born in Tokyo.

In various genres such as advertising, CI, music and entertainment,

Various activities centered on art direction and video direction.

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■ Client

Japan Airlines  /   TV Asahi  /  NHK Enterprise /  NISSAN   /   SONY

NTT Docomo  /   Pony Canyon  /  Sony Music Entertainment 

Avex Group  /   Warner Music 

FANCL   /  Sagamiya Food Co., Ltd.  / DARIYA   /   DHC 

Sanei International Co., Ltd.  /   Abahouse International Co., Ltd.

Kodansha  /   Asahi Shimbun Publishing  /  KADOKAWA  /  TOEI  /  TOHO


■ Artist

CHEMISTRY"almost in love" "fo(u)r" "Tokage feat. John Legend" "ALL THE BEST" "This Night"

『a Place for Us』『the CHEMISTRY joint album』 /  Kazuya Yoshii"Tobuyouni" "CALL ME"

BONNIE PINK『Private Laughter』『Last Kiss』『Even So』/  DOUBLE"Rollin' on" "destiny" "Wonderful" "too Wonderful"

Yu Yamadafiesta! fiesta!, My AllYOUNGSHIM 『love Rain』 /  swan mica"Fragile" /  Yutaka Mizutani"Life Romantic"

SOUL'd OUT"Wekapipo" "SOUL'd OUT" "Movies&Remixes" "1,000,000 MONSTERS ATTACK" "Magenta Magenta"

Def Tech『Catch The Wave』/ stardust review『Joanna』『Heaven』『Find My Way』『AQUA』

Motohiro Hata"What Connects Us" "Scales" "Blue Butterfly" "Contrast" /  Fumio Ito『MIDAGE RIOT』/ Sonar pocket"Step by Step Story of Men and Women"

Mao Abe"Furii" "I wanna see you" /  Home Grown『THE BEST』『True Links』『DO THE REGGAE!』

Tomohisa Yamashita『Loveless』 /  Tegomass"The Magic of Tegomass" /  Arashi Moritomo"Tour Movie My Ballad" "PEACE ROCK"other


■ TV program

"Buddy season 1 ~   season 12" "Hodo Station" "Millionaire Detective" "Millionaire Detective Deluxe" "Deception Eutamaro"

"BORDER" "Nice to meet you, I love you. "dele" "Tario"other


■ Movies

42.195km Tokyo Big City Marathon Aibo -Theatrical Version II- Occupation of the Metropolitan Police Department! The Longest Night of the Special Missions Section

"HOME Ai no Zashikiwarashi" "Aibo -Theatrical Version III- Huge Closed Room!other


■ Books/photo collections

Ryotaro Shiba “Kaido wo Yuku” All 43 volumes  / tATu Photobook “tATu Official Photo Book” Hiroko Anzai Photobook “RR/Happy Girly”

Erika Sawajiri Photobook "ERIKA 2007" /  Shigeo Nagashima "Shigeo Nagashima Dream Treasures Book"other


■ Books

"Sound of the Air" Kodansha Co-authored by Sunny Takeishi (2017)

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